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We want to make sure that we keep you guys informed with any polarizing firearms news.  This is one of the best ways we are able to make sure our readers are knowledgeable and remain responsible.  This week’s updates are centered on only two states, but the ramifications of these proposed pieces of legislation can truly have far reaching and possibly devastating implications to some of our readers.

CaliforniaYou guys in Cali stay in firearms news!!!….. We must say….being a firearms owner in the state of California must be as tough as Chinese Trigonometry!  Within the last week, California legislation approved a bill that will require FFL inspections every three years.  The bill is now being sent to the California Appropriations Committee.  Last week on Tuesday, June 12, the California Assembly considered a couple more firearms bills.  One of the bills included language that would prohibit the sale or transfer of firearms or ammunition to anyone under the age of 21.  The other bill that was considered would prohibit cities from giving gift cards to a place that sells firearms or ammunition in exchange for a firearm during a buy-back program was also heard.  As responsible armed citizens we need to stand up as a collective and fight for the 2nd Amendment rights of our brothers and sisters in California!

DelawareTough shooting in Delaware….  On Tuesday of this week (June 19th), the Delaware State Senate majority will seek to suspend the rules to complete an unprecedented vote.  It breaks our heart to bring you the news that the Delaware Senate majority will re-vote on a bill to ban the sale, transfer, or import of 60 models of firearms, including AR-15s (it is important to note that the same bill failed approval during the week of June 8th).  Needless to say, this is a sad day for responsible armed citizens.  Let’s hope that this vote is repealed and never visited again!!!

***  If you are unfamiliar with firearms and/or their accessories, and want to learn more, PSA strongly suggests that you find, enroll, and attend a comprehensive and reputable firearms safety course. Firearms safety is all of OUR responsibility.  

We want to thank you for taking out the time to stop by our lane at the shooting range!!  We hope that you enjoyed your stay and hope that you stop back by early and often to catch up on all PSA updates!  We truly hope that we were able to hit the target, and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to shoot them our way!!  We look forward to shooting the breeze with you soon again!!

And as always….remember to watch your six and stay low!!!

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