Private Instruction

Showing how to ensure the firearm is clear.

At Peach State Armory, we understand that some students learn better in a one-on-one setting. In addition to all of the standard courses that we offer, we also provide private instruction at our students’ request.

With our private instructional sessions, we tailor the learning experience to the students specifications, focusing on those aspects of shooting and safety that the student desires. By answering a short questionnaire, students provide a brief background on their shooting experience, and we are able to custom build an instructional package that meets the needs of the student.

Our private instructional sessions start at $75 per hour – up to 4 complete hours. In the event that the session exceeds 4 hours, the fees are dependent on the custom built instructional package. Included in the fees are any learning materials, range time, and instructor fees. For shooting sessions, students must provide their own firearm (if one is owned), ammunition and protective gear. If students don’t own their own firearm, we will provide firearms at a $10 up-charge.

If you learn better in the private setting, let us build a custom instructional package for you today!!! Just give us a call (404) 981-4925, or shoot us an email TODAY!!!!


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