Q: What Should I wear?

A: Tops with sleeves and a crew neck are recommended.  Long pants are also recommended. Closed toe shoes are required.  Absolutely no open toe shoes or sandals!  As shell casings are ejected from firearms, they are extremely hot.  Very minor burns from these shells on uncovered skin occasionally happens, so please dress accordingly.

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Q: What should I bring?

A: To all shooting courses please bring the following items:

  1. Your pistol of choice. (**Optional**)
  2. Owner’s manual for your pistol (if you don’t have one, look on the manufacturers website or you may be able to download one from http://www.stevespages.com)
  3. 150 rounds of ammunition minimum (only ammunition in the box unopened. NO reloads!!!)
  4. Your thinking cap
  5. An open mind
  6. A positive attitude

***If you are enrolled in a non-shooting course, simply bring an open mind and a positive attitude!!!  All else in these courses will be provided by your instructor.***

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Q: What is included in the course fee?

A: Course Materials from the NRA, final examination(s), refreshments,  .22LR caliber ammunition (if needed), eye protection, ear protection, range fees, care package, ink pen, notepad, guidance, and peace of mind.

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Q: Can I bring my own gun?

A: Yes.  As long as you have a gun in working condition, with an owner’s manual (if you don’t have one you may be able to download one from the manufacturers website or visit http://www.stevespages.com for more options) you may bring it.  Before firing your gun, an instructor will inspect it to make sure it is safe to shoot.  We recommend you bring a .22LR caliber semi-automatic pistol if you choose to bring your own gun.  Revolvers are only recommended to those shooters who have physical limitations that limit their ability to safely and effectively operate semi-automatic handguns.

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Q: What should I expect?

A: You should expect to cover the entire NRA Certified Course as prescribed by the NRA.  These courses are designed to give comprehensive overviews of the specific topic of the course of your choice.  Although these classes will provide you with the knowledge you need to safely handle firearms in different conditions, consistent training is needed to retain what is learned.


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