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Blasting off some rounds….

Training has always been a hallmark of the mission of Peach State Armory.  In this video, you guys will be able to tell that we literally had a BLAST at our last training session!!  We were lucky to have P.O.S.T. Firearms Instructor Keith Le’Mon with us to train.  Lucky for him, we were able to […]

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Dedication to the cause…

When there was a threat……there was a call to action.  In some cases there was a tough battle ahead.  “Come back with your shield, or on it” was the cry from so many Spartan wives to their husbands as their soldiers left for battle.  The dedication that these women and soldiers showed to their cause, […]

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Firearms in the news…

In the wake of so many polarizing firearm related focusing events, it is imperative that as responsible armed citizens we stay abreast of firearms in the news.  Our 2nd amendment rights are consistently under attack, and it is paramount that we remain knowledgeable!!  This weeks’ post concentrates solely on firearms updates from the national level…. […]

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Firearms in the news….

Keeping you guys informed with firearms news is one of the most enjoyable parts of owning P.S.A.!!  Over the past week or so, we received several inquiries from our readers in the Pacific NW regarding recent legislation slated to go into effect.  We decided to give you guys a quick update regarding the matters of […]

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P.S.A. Custom Shots

Been looking for a way to show your love for all things PSA?!?!?  Got a thing for Gun Art?!?!?!?  If so, you need look no further than the #PSAProShop!!!  We’re sure that you’ll LOVE our P.S.A. Custom Shots!!!!!!!  Also, be sure to check back often as we are adding products weekly!!! For the entire Peach […]

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