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This is your LAST option….

Let us start this post off by saying we could talk about this topic until we are blue in the face!!!  This is most definitely one of those posts for a last resort fight.  Things of this nature should only be engaged in if there is NO OTHER OPTION. *****REMEMBER GUYS….THE ONLY GUN FIGHT THAT […]

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Shotgun Gauges and Shells….What’s it all about?

PSA recently held a Home Firearm Safety course in which one of the students wanted to gain a little more understanding on how and why shotguns get their specific designations.  Being quite the interesting conversation, we thought that we would share the historical significance behind these designations to all of our wacky readers out there!! […]

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From the Vault: Sig Ultra-Compact 1911

Boy-oh-boy do we have a doozie for you all of you wacky shooters today!!  It’s been a while since we let you guys in the vault and we thought that this puppy would be the perfect return!!!  In this edition of From the Vault we’d like to introduce you to our newest toy:  the Sig […]

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Firearms in the news….

We want to make sure that we keep you guys informed with any polarizing firearms news.  This is one of the best ways we are able to make sure our readers are knowledgeable and remain responsible.  This week’s updates are centered on only two states, but the ramifications of these proposed pieces of legislation can […]

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Is just one good enough?

As you progress in your training regimen, it’s important that you increase the effectiveness of your practice sessions.  Being able to capture a proper sight picture, get your sights aligned, and maintain focus on that front sight is of paramount importance when learning to shoot effectively.  Once those skills have been mastered, and you’re able […]

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