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Keys to Successful Training: Vol. 1 – Consistency

Successful shooting isn’t always about being great.  It’s about consistency.  Consistent hard work and training leads to successful shooting.  Being great will come in time.   One only becomes a great shooter after tons of consistent hard work and training.  In this first installment of: Keys to Successful Training, we want to briefly talk to you guys […]

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The Bullet Hole Drill….

Shooting is one of the most perishable skills in your tool-kit, so in order to stay sharp and shoot straight you’ve gotta get out and train!!!  Today we wanted to bring to you guys a drill that we love here at PSA!!  Welcome back and we can’t wait to see you on the range!!!!! If […]

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Setting the Stage….

You and the wife are coming out of your local supermarket…..laughing and bags in hand.  It’s not your normal shopping locale, but your usual store was closed and you needed some quick things before heading home.  It’s kinda late, so there aren’t many cars in the parking lot, let alone people.  Out of the shadows, […]

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It’s on you….literally

As a responsible armed citizen, carrying a firearm for protection may very well be your choice.  If you do in-fact choose to carry a firearm (and/or other personal defense tools) for personal protection, understand that it’s a life altering decision.  This is a daily commitment and your lifestyle and routine habits may undergo tremendous changes. […]

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Keeping your 1911 in the fight…

One of the biggest debates in the firearms community is the conversation that surrounds the act of carrying a 1911 for self-defense.  Many shooters believe that the 1911 is not suitable for concealed carry and self-defense due to a plethora of reasons but more especially: reliability issues.  On the other side of the coin rests […]

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