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PSA training tips and suggestions….

Mission Specific…

Kedria Williams, 28, was asleep in her 3-story townhouse when she heard someone banging on her 2nd floor balcony door at about 2 a.m.  Fearing for the lives of her children sleeping on the third floor, Kedria grabbed the Glock 19 that she keeps on her nightstand to investigate.  There had been several burglaries in […]

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Officer…I promise I didn’t know.

Mark has always been a stand-up guy.  Never had an issue with the authorities, not even a speeding ticket!  About a year ago he was tasked with implementing a security team at his church due to swelling social tensions in his local area.  Mark had never really gotten into firearms before, but he genuinely had […]

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Firearms in the News….

As always, we try to keep all of our wonderful readers informed about recent firearms related focusing events that make the news.  This week we’ve got some very interesting news to share with you guys!!  As responsible armed citizens it is our express duty to stay informed and abreast of changes in our industry. Utah […]

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But I would just be gone a few minutes….

Marla is a hard-working, single mother of three.  Her oldest child is having his 14th birthday party next weekend and it takes all she has to contain herself!!!  She had been making plans for this party for months as she had recently gotten a promotion at work and was now able to provide more to […]

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The Explosion, The Recoil, and The Grip…

Most of us would think that if we created an explosion, we were doing something extremely wrong, possibly harmful.  Well…..if you’re a fan of our blog, then chances are you’ve undoubtedly created several hundred if not thousands of explosions!!!  Webster’s Dictionary defines an explosion as the following:  a rapid increase in volume and release of […]

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