We pride ourselves on being firearms professionals dedicated to supporting gun safety through comprehensive firearms education and firearms knowledge sharing.  We started P.S.A.’s Tactical Tuesdays because we LOVE anything guns!  Everything from firearm history, to current events, to firearm accessories…..even gun gear, ammunition, and parts!!!  We love them!!! Our Podcasts are the personal thoughts and beliefs of the owners of Peach State Armory only.  We hope that you enjoy and we always welcome constructive comments and criticism!!!

Season 1 Episode 1:  Glock vs. Sig

In the first Tuesday of the year, the guys decided to give all of you wacky shooters out there a look into an age-old argument between Malcom and Dr. Carter:  Glock vs. Sig!  The guys argue several points in order to try and figure out which brand is superior!!  Topics of discussion include: weight, price, “shootability,” and reliability.  This is one hilarious episode that you don’t want to miss!!!

Season 1 Episode 2:  Instructor Interview:  Keith Le’Mon

This week, the guys were fortunate enough to have a guest firearms instructor in for an interview!!  Keith Le’Mon is a 19-year veteran of Public Safety having served in several capacities, including (but not limited to): S.W.A.T. Operator, S.W.A.T. Instructor, Firearms Instructor, and General Law Enforcement Instructor.  Topics of discussion include:  favorite firearm platform, shooting techniques, instruction preference, and MUCH, MUCH more!!!

Season 1 Episode 3:  Range Etiquette

The third installment of the Season is short, but a great episode nonetheless!!  The guys discuss different aspects of having good “Range Etiquette.”  Malcolm and Dr. Carter discuss some of the things that they teach their students when in the classroom.  Topics of discussion include:  backseat-shooters and “policing your area!!”. If you are new to shooting and are interested in going to a gun range soon, this is one episode that you most definitely don’t want to miss!!!

Season 1 Episode 4:  Ammo 101

What an amazing and information packed episode!!  In today’s episode, the guys talk all about ammo.  Special attention paid to the 9mm round.  Topics of discussion include:  how to choose the correct ammo for your gun, types of ammo, and even what ammo to stay away from!!!  If you’ve ever wondered about ammo, you won’t want to miss this episode!!!!

Season 1 Episode 5:  The Magic Question

Some gun questions are better off not asked!!  In this week’s episode, the guys talk about the magic question:  What gun should I buy?  The fellas talk about several different factors that all potential gun purchasers should consider before buying a gun.  Topics of discussion include:  weight, price, and controls.  If you’re wondering what gun you should buy, this episode is a MUST!!!

Season 1 Episode 6:  What would you do?

The guys take an actual real-world situation and discuss several aspects of what to do if a defensive situation presented itself to them.  First and foremost, the guys suggest that you avoid the situation at all costs.  Know the law, train, and like our uncle used to tell us:  “Don’t hurt anybody.”  As per usual, the guys have done it again!

Season 1 Episode 7:  Product Review:  Glock 43

One of the funniest episodes thus far this season!!!  The guys talk about Malcolm’s new gun:  Glock 43.  Dr. Carter, of course gives his views, and you sure don’t want to miss them!!!  Topics of discussion include:  modes of carry, brand consistency, and more!!!  If you are a Glock lover, you definitely want to make sure to download this episode!!!

Season 1 Episode 8:  Dry-Fire Practice v. Live-Fire Practice….Which is Better?!?

This week’s episode is one of the most informative episode thus far!  The guys discuss the importance of both dry-fire and live-fire practice.  Topics of discussion include:  things to remember when at the range, drills to do when dry-firing, equipment tips, and much more!!!  BE SURE TO REMEMBER TO REMOVE ALL LIVE AMMO FROM ANY DRY-FIRE PRACTICE SESSIONS.  Training is important to novice shooters and experts alike!

Season 1 Episode 9:  Pocket Dump

For today’s episode, the guys tell you all about their first pocket dump!  The fellas empty their pockets and talk about the usefulness of the items that they carry each and every day!  Topics include multi-tools, E.D.C. pistols, knives and much MORE!!!  Wondering how to maximize the small space you have in or around your pockets?  If so, this is the episode for you!!!!

Season 1 Episode 10:  Leave it to the Professionals

This episode is so funny it has to come with a warning…..

***WARNING*** if uncontrollable laughter is frowned upon at your place of business do not listen to this episode at work!!  Wait till you get home!  But just make sure that you don’t miss today’s show!!  We recorded this past Sunday at QuickShots Atlanta, 1199 Zonolite Rd. NE!  Thanks to Sarah and the rest of the crew!!  They are awesome!!!  This is one of the funniest stories about why you should leave firearm alterations to the professionals that you will EVER hear!!  Let’s just hope you aren’t “Jack”!!!!




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