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Firearms in the news…

In the wake of so many polarizing firearm related focusing events, it is imperative that as responsible armed citizens we stay abreast of firearms in the news.  Our 2nd amendment rights are consistently under attack, and it is paramount that we remain knowledgeable!!  This weeks’ post concentrates solely on firearms updates from the national level…. […]

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Mission Specific…

Kedria Williams, 28, was asleep in her 3-story townhouse when she heard someone banging on her 2nd floor balcony door at about 2 a.m.  Fearing for the lives of her children sleeping on the third floor, Kedria grabbed the Glock 19 that she keeps on her nightstand to investigate.  There had been several burglaries in […]

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What’s your Zero?

If you are a fan of the MSR, more than likely you’ve had extensive conversations about the “best” distance in which to to zero your sights and/or optics.  At PSA we’ve had at least a dozen heated debates on that very subject!!  Our opinions come from prior training, personal desires, and even specific missions.  Many […]

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From the Vault: Ruger AR-556

We would like to thank all of our readers for a wonderful 2017 and welcome you guys to 2018 with PSA!!!  This year we have tons of stuff planned including new PSA products, new Custom Shots, and plenty of gun talk!!!  Today we want to bring you wacky shooters another installment of From the Vault […]

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Firearms in the news….

Welcome back buckaroos!!!  As per usual…. firearms are in the headlines!!  Being able to keep you guys updated with firearms news is one of our main priorities and today we have a couple of updates that are quite interesting! Las Vegas, NV – Our hearts go out to you Vegas…. First and foremost we want […]

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