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P.S.A. Swag

Been looking for a way to show your love for all things PSA when you’re out and about?!?!?  Are you desperately in need of more PSA Swag?!?!?!?  If so, you need look no further than the #PSAProShop!!!  Be sure to check back often as we are adding products weekly!!! For the entire Peach State Armory […]

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P.S.A. Tactical Belt

The right to carry a concealed firearm is precious to responsible armed citizens.  If you are in need of a quick release gun belt, be sure to visit the #PSAproshop !!  For the entire PSA experience visit .

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It’s on you….literally

As a responsible armed citizen, carrying a firearm for protection may very well be your choice.  If you do in-fact choose to carry a firearm (and/or other personal defense tools) for personal protection, understand that it’s a life altering decision.  This is a daily commitment and your lifestyle and routine habits may undergo tremendous changes. […]

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Can you “ear” me now?

Some of us like plugs.  Some of us can’t shoot unless we have our favorite muffs.  Heck, some of us like to use plugs and muffs!!  Regardless of your flavor, ensuring that your hearing is protected when involved in shooting sports is of paramount importance.  Today, we will share with you guys some essential aspects […]

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This is your LAST option….

Let us start this post off by saying we could talk about this topic until we are blue in the face!!!  This is most definitely one of those posts for a last resort fight.  Things of this nature should only be engaged in if there is NO OTHER OPTION. *****REMEMBER GUYS….THE ONLY GUN FIGHT THAT […]

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