Month: June 2019

P.S.A. Swag

Been looking for a way to show your love for all things PSA when you’re out and about?!?!?  Are you desperately in need of more PSA Swag?!?!?!?  If so, you need look no further than the #PSAProShop!!!  Be sure to check back often as we are adding products weekly!!! For the entire Peach State Armory […]

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The Explosion, The Recoil, and The Grip…

Most of us would think that if we created an explosion, we were doing something extremely wrong, possibly harmful.  Well…..if you’re a fan of our blog, then chances are you’ve undoubtedly created several hundred if not thousands of explosions!!!  Webster’s Dictionary defines an explosion as the following:  a rapid increase in volume and release of […]

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P.S.A. Tactical Belt

The right to carry a concealed firearm is precious to responsible armed citizens.  If you are in need of a quick release gun belt, be sure to visit the #PSAproshop !!  For the entire PSA experience visit .

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Keys to Successful Training: Vol. 1 – Consistency

Successful shooting isn’t always about being great.  It’s about consistency.  Consistent hard work and training leads to successful shooting.  Being great will come in time.   One only becomes a great shooter after tons of consistent hard work and training.  In this first installment of: Keys to Successful Training, we want to briefly talk to you guys […]

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The Bullet Hole Drill….

Shooting is one of the most perishable skills in your tool-kit, so in order to stay sharp and shoot straight you’ve gotta get out and train!!!  Today we wanted to bring to you guys a drill that we love here at PSA!!  Welcome back and we can’t wait to see you on the range!!!!! If […]

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