It’s on you….literally

As a responsible armed citizen, carrying a firearm for protection may very well be your choice.  If you do in-fact choose to carry a firearm (and/or other personal defense tools) for personal protection, understand that it’s a life altering decision.  This is a daily commitment and your lifestyle and routine habits may undergo tremendous changes.

For those of you that are new to the world of daily carry, or you’re an “old-head” in the market for a new carry gun, you can bet your bottom dollar that your search engine will inundate you with a plethora of choices, opinions, and experts!!!  One question we get asked about 30 times a week is:  “What gun should I buy for concealed carry?”  The best response to that inquiry we can offer is……..  In all actuality, no one can tell you what works best for you!!  That’s all on you….literally!

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What we mean by that is simple…. the gun that works for Uncle Bob may not work for you….and furthermore, what works for you may not for Aunt Sue.  We’ve heard so many times different “experts” tell novices that they need to be looking for a gun that is comfortable to wear.  At PSA we believe that carrying a gun should be the exact opposite!  Riding in my new 2018 Chevy Silverado is supposed to be comfortable…carrying a gun isn’t.  Although certain holsters and carry gear fit and feel better than others, these options will only serve to reduce the uneasiness of carry, but please don’t confuse this with comfort.

As we’ve mentioned, carry options should be selected on the specified mission and purpose.  Who you are, where you are going, and most especially what you are doing should all be considerations held in high regard when making daily carry decisions.  A firearm may not be the extent of our carry options……considering flashlights, extra ammo, and multi-tools could add to our carry regimen.  This is when all the other decision making factors become more and more important.

Before you make life changing decisions, understand guys that you need to conduct research.  Shop around.  Being aware of all the options and their capabilities is important before selecting your daily carry tools.  Check out a couple of ways PSA chooses carry…..



***  If you are unfamiliar with firearms and/or their accessories, and want to learn more, PSA strongly suggests that you find, enroll, and attend a comprehensive and reputable firearms safety course. Firearms safety is all of OUR responsibility.  

We want to thank you for taking out the time to stop by our lane at the shooting range!!  We hope that you enjoyed your stay and hope that you stop back by early and often to catch up on all PSA updates!  We truly hope that we were able to hit the target, and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to shoot them our way!!  We look forward to shooting the breeze with you soon again!!

And as always….remember to watch your six and stay low!!!

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