Month: May 2018

Firearms in the news….

***First and foremost, PSA would like to take this time to share our condolences with the victims of the tragedies that occurred in Santa Fe, Texas and in Noblesville, Indiana.  Our hearts not only go out to the victims but to their families as well.  Once again, some cowards with firearms have decided to enact […]

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The chicken or the egg?

It’s your first safety course, and you’re completely stoked!!  The instructor comes in, and immediately gives you the run-down.  “O.K. shooters, I want you to focus on your sights, see your target, relax and squeeze the trigger to the back.”  Seems easy-peesy right?!?!?! Well….your buddies at PSA are here to tell you that this is […]

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Is just one good enough?

As you progress in your training regimen, it’s important that you increase the effectiveness of your practice sessions.  Being able to capture a proper sight picture, get your sights aligned, and maintain focus on that front sight is of paramount importance when learning to shoot effectively.  Once those skills have been mastered, and you’re able […]

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Where’s the light switch?!?!?

American quantum physicist, Richard Feynman, in another life may have been one heck of a shooter!!!  Well, Richard (who was one smart fella), went very deep into theoretical physics in a host of his works.  He set the stage…..  Imagine that you are in a dark, unfamiliar room.  Pitch black.  Richard postulated that if you […]

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The importance of dry-fire training….

PSA defines dry-fire training as successfully and safely practicing the manipulation of firearms in an environment that is completely void of live fire. Dry-fire practice is one of the most effective ways of ingraining the fundamental shooting capabilities.  There are several benefits to dry-fire practice including but not limited to: (1)  minimal noise from the live […]

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