Month: February 2018

When things go bump in the night…

As if this storm wasn’t bad enough, the power is out and it’s pitch black inside of your home.  Luckily the wife and kids are out of town visiting the in-laws.  You get ready to settle down for the night, as there is not much else to do, and there’s a knock at the door.  […]

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STOP bullying Revolvers!!!!

Poor, poor revolvers…..always being slighted, mistreated, and abused!!!  It’s gotten so bad that we were thinking about starting a petition to get revolver-bullying classified as a felony!!!!  Seriously though guys, its high time that we all have some, and display some revolver etiquette!!  After all…wheel guns are some of the most venerable firearm platforms around.  […]

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What’s your set-up?

Quite often we get questions from our readers about how and where we store our firearms.  Well, first and foremost buckaroos, the exact location of our storage depot is undisclosed!!!  If we told you where it was, we’d have to kill you!!  But what we can do is show you how we store some of […]

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Friends and Family: Springfield Saint “The Edge”

Shooting with friends and family can be some of the most enjoyable times on the range that responsible armed citizens can have.  A couple of weeks ago, we received a frantic call from one of PSA’s longtime friends Will C. from Charlotte (by way of Indianapolis!!).  He had just bought the newest version of Springfield’s […]

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