Month: January 2018

Is there a such thing?

About a week ago we were at our local gun shop and we got into a heated discussion with an older gentleman about AD’s (or accidental discharges).  Mr. Vernon was sure that AD’s were a viable phenomenon and we were being too “old school” on the newer class of shooters.  We’ll give you a short […]

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From the Vault: AK-47

Famed inventor of the AK-47, Mikhail Kalashnikov, was once quoted as saying:  “I wanted to invent an engine that could run for ever. I could have developed a new train, had I stayed in the railway.  It would have looked like the AK-47 though.”  One of our favorite platforms is the AK-47!  They just simply […]

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Firearms in the news….

As the New Year rolls in and gets settled down, we as protectors of the 2nd Amendment have more battles to fight for our rights.  This week’s updates (as usual) have some very interesting news (some good….some not so good) and we are glad to share them with you guys!!  If you have any questions […]

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From the Vault: Ruger AR-556

We would like to thank all of our readers for a wonderful 2017 and welcome you guys to 2018 with PSA!!!  This year we have tons of stuff planned including new PSA products, new Custom Shots, and plenty of gun talk!!!  Today we want to bring you wacky shooters another installment of From the Vault […]

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