Month: December 2017

Firearms in the news….

Keeping you guys informed with firearms news is one of the most enjoyable parts of owning PSA!!  Over the past week or so, we received several inquiries from our California readers regarding the impending legislation to go into effect in the new year.  We decided to dedicate most of this weeks’ updates to you guys […]

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How aware are you?

We sincerely hope that you guys remain safe during this holiday season!!  So many times, you wacky shooters have read on our blog about being aware of your environment.  One of the most influential characters in the movie that is the history of firearms is Col. Jeff Cooper.  Many moons ago, Col. Cooper developed his […]

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Range Must-Haves….

Getting ready for a day of training at the range?  Packing essential items for a range visit may be as hard as deciding what to pack for a weekend trip to Aunt Minnie’s house!!  Every shooter has items that they think are a necessity based on the type of training they plan on doing.  Here […]

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Control what you can….

One question we have always had during the flashback scene of “The Dark Knight Rises” was:  “Why did Bruce Wayne’s father choose that particular door to go out of?”  It was pitch black at night and foggy (why was it always foggy in Gotham?!?!?).  That made us think…. what can we do to retain as […]

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