Month: October 2017

The Family that trains together….

So you’re at home, it’s a nice cozy night, the kids are tucked in and there’s a bump.  It’s time to kick into action and rely on your training.  But it hits you.   You’re the only one in the family who is familiar with what needs to happen…..and now is not the time to start […]

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Firearms in the news….

Welcome back buckaroos!!!  As per usual…. firearms are in the headlines!!  Being able to keep you guys updated with firearms news is one of our main priorities and today we have a couple of updates that are quite interesting! Las Vegas, NV – Our hearts go out to you Vegas…. First and foremost we want […]

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How the bad guy thinks….

So often we give our readers the good guy’s perspective……time to think like the bad guy.  In personal protection classes, PSA teaches the O.O.D.A. loop as a method of consistently maintaining situational awareness.  This is one of the most effective ways of being able to avoid placing yourself in a compromising position during an unfortunate […]

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Winning the fight…..

The main purpose of training (any kind of training) is to bolster your skill level and boost the confidence that you have.  This confidence may be needed if those skills are suddenly called upon.  One without the other is like having Kool-Aid and no sugar.  In a defensive situation you never want to be left […]

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