Month: September 2017

Economy of Motion

For most of us, Math was definitely NOT our best subject in school!!  So…before we begin this post, please don’t let the title scare all of you math professors!  Although we will be talking the economy, we won’t be talking supply, demand, or derivatives!  This post is about the Economy of Motion as it pertains […]

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Legal Shots….

As always, we try to keep you guys updated on some of the most interesting news of firearms legislation from around the nation that we come across.  As responsible armed citizens, it is imperative that we stay abreast of changes, additions, and alterations to firearms laws. Chicago, IL – Don’t lie for the other guy……  Although […]

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Know your status….

Today was a good day…..  You had an amazing training session, got tons done, and as per your usual practice, you’ve sat down to give your pistol a good cleaning before you put it back in the safe on the nightstand.  Several dirty cleaning patches later, she’s all ready for bed.  You place the pistol […]

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Would you drive without a license?

Better yet….would you want the guy in the car behind you driving without a license?  We sure hope not!!  The same goes for firearms.  If you decide to carry a firearm for protection of life, limb, and property you definitely need to obtain your Conceal Carry Weapons Permit (if in fact it is legal to […]

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The last resort…..

It’s always been a quiet neighborhood.  You and your wife bought this house to raise your kids and hopefully spend your golden moments in.  19 years and you’ve never had a problem.  One night, on your way to a nice quiet dinner, you go outside to warm up the car, and what do you see? […]

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