Month: August 2017

PSA visits the Sig Sauer Academy!!

If any skill is a perishable one, shooting is!!!!  As often as we can, we try our best to get involved in training hosted by external agencies.  Recently, we were lucky enough to be able to attend the Handgun Series of instruction at the Sig Sauer Academy, and we literally had a BLAST!!!  Over 1000 […]

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Big shots….Small Game

The PSA inbox is often filled with questions and comments from our readers.  On many occasions we are lucky to find responses from our shooting friends that have an affinity for hunting.  Andrew W. from South Florida wanted to know what we thought about the best center-fire cartridges for hunting small game.  Well Andrew….as you […]

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Legal Shots….

The desire to protect life, limb, and property is becoming more and more prevalent and can be seen by way of surging numbers of firearms owners.  Being able to stay abreast of changes and updates in firearms laws and statutes should be of paramount concern for all responsible armed citizens.  Although the following updates don’t […]

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From the Vault: Sig Mosquito

Being from Georgia, we know all about the bites from mosquito’s!!!  Although this post is about mosquito’s, the bite is just a little different!!!  Today, we are proud to bring to you guys one of our training pistols….the Sig Sauer Mosquito!  Chambered in .22 LR this little guy is affordable, easy to shoot, and fits […]

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When one door opens….

It’s been an extremely long day training and you’ve just arrived home for some much needed rest. As you approach your front door, something just doesn’t seem right.  You know that you didn’t leave your door open, and some things in the front room appear to be out of place. The first thing you think […]

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