Month: July 2017

Legal Shots….

News about firearms causes more volatile conversations now than ever before in American history.  Being able to stay abreast of recent firearms news is an integral part of being a well informed, responsible, armed citizen.  At PSA we feel it our duty to keep our readers and followers updated about the legal happenings in our […]

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Sig Sauer: When it counts

One of the greatest gifts as firearms professionals is being able to see growth within the industry.  In recent years, women shooters have become the standard of industry expansion and their impact can be seen in many areas of development.  We love seeing women at the range honing in on their firearms skills.  We must […]

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From the Vault: Glock 19

Firearms and self-defense instructor Massad Ayoob was once quoted as saying:  “My own idea of a $5,500   .45 auto is a used Volkswagen with a Glock 30 in the glove box…”  Well this post (as long overdue as it is!!!) would certainly please Massad!!!  Having a Glock “From the Vault” is a must from […]

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Threat Assessment…

The scene is set….the cowboy slowly creeps into town on his trusty steed.  He has a date with destiny and he knows that it will be a tough road ahead.  He was called out by the toughest outlaw in town and now he has to face the music.  He knows that the villain runs with […]

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Heckler & Koch: Commitment to Excellence

Being able to travel with our craft affords us the opportunity to meet a host of shooters from around the world!!  As connoisseurs of all things firearms, it does our hearts good to be able to show you guys some of our friends and family’s personally owned firearms! When we travel and meet new shooters […]

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