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Welcome back guys!!!  After reading through tons of feedback emails and side bar questions we realized that we have forgotten one very important discussion for new shooters.  Well buckaroos….today we’ve got you covered!!!  Very quickly, today we will go over some essentials for your first visit to the gun range…  After this post you should be eager, prepared, and ready to shoot!


First things first….as a first timer to an indoor firing range there are some things that you should expect to see.  Most ranges today require that shooters watch a short safety briefing video prior to shooting.  These videos (or sometimes simply a written waiver) detail the specific rules for that range.  These safety briefings will also provide shooters with the 3 most important firearms safety rules:  1)  Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot; 2) Know what your target is and what is beyond it; and 3) Never point the muzzle of a firearm at ANYTHING that you are not prepared to destroy.  You will also undoubtedly see that ranges’ RSO (Range Safety Officer).  This person is dedicated to ensuring that the range remains safe, enforce range rules, and troubleshoot minor problems.  It is imperative that all shooters obey commands given by the RSO to preserve their safety as well as the safety of all other shooters on the line.

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Now that you’ve gotten to the range, just what exactly will you need to bring with you?  If you have your own personal firearm, you will need something to transport it to and from the range.  Most times, as a new shooter, you will simply take the box that the firearm came in.  As your experience and affinity for shooting sports grows you will amass a plethora of different range bags and cases (both soft and hard shelled).  Mostly all ranges require both eye and ear protection (if they don’t require it, you may want to find another range to visit!!!).  This is for safety reasons only.  The protection of shooters eyes and ears is of paramount concern and should not be taken lightly.  For the protection of the firearm (and shooter him/her-self) shooters should ensure that they have the correct ammunition for the firearm to be fired.  Making sure that the ammo matches the firearm’s requirements is critical.  Lastly, you will need some targets.  Make sure that you ONLY use range approved targets!

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A couple of tips for a successful first visit to the range:

  1.  Do not fire at the range equipment or posts; only fire at range approved targets.
  2. Obey all rules given in the safety briefing and/or by the RSO
  3. It’s always good shooters’ etiquette to leave the range better than you found it.

Now that you have the basics and the necessary items, its time to head to the range for some safe shooting fun!!!  ENJOY!

***  If you are unfamiliar with firearms and/or their accessories, and want to learn more, PSA strongly suggests that you find, enroll, and attend a comprehensive and reputable firearms safety course. Firearms safety is all of OUR responsibility.  

We want to thank you for taking out the time to stop by our lane at the shooting range!!  We hope that you enjoyed your stay and hope that you stop back by early and often to catch up on all PSA updates!  We truly hope that we were able to hit the target, and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to shoot them our way!!  We look forward to shooting the breeze with you soon again!!

And as always….remember to watch your six and stay low!!!

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