Month: May 2017

2nd Amendment rights gain stronger footing across the country!

One thing that we as shooters have to do is to make sure that we always have our sight picture on point.  Although mainstream headlines are consistently inundated with drama, drama, drama, its always good to see gun rights for responsible citizens surge!!  The first 5 months of 2017 have resulted in several triumphs for responsible owners […]

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What’s gonna stop the bad guy?

It always does our hearts good to see feedback from our wonderful readers!!!  Today we will share some insight with you regarding a question from Mike N. out of Bristol.  Mike read our post “Personal Defense….Hollow-points in every caliber?” from a couple of months ago, and wanted more shots!  Well Mike, as per usual, we’ve […]

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EDC….what’s it all about?

  There’s no doubt in our minds that if you pick up a gun magazine or any gun book, you will run across the acronym: EDC.  To those of us that are familiar, this is like putting on socks in the morning.  To the uninitiated, Every Day Carry (EDC) may seem quite esoteric. On the […]

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Your AR’s best friend….

We’ve all heard it before, and I’m sure we all know….dogs are a man’s best friend. Although this antiquated saying has it’s merits, and we love our dogs… PSA our newest best friends are our AR’s!!!   And although we KNOW that we are our AR’s best friend, our AR also has another bestie….it’s sling! […]

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Are you in the fight?

How and when does a defensive situation occur?  Are these events that “just occur out of the blue,” or are these events those that we as potential victims can effectively avoid?  There are some “experts” that believe that these things happen simply by happenstance.  Then there are thinkers that believe that through a very simple […]

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