Month: April 2017

NRA Annual Meetings – A.T.L.

This year the NRA decided to hold it’s Annual Meetings & Convention in the home town of PSA, and we couldn’t have been more excited!!  This years convention appears to be quite the shin-dig drawing an expected 80,000 visitors!  The NRA Annual Meetings & Convention is being held this very weekend at the Georgia World […]

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From the Vault: SIG516 Patrol FDE

Welcome back to our lane at the range!!!  Today, we are very happy to bring to you one of our most adored rifles!!!   The SIG516 Patrol FDE is by far one of the most impressive AR patterned rifles that we have encountered!!  We must say that SIG did a wonderful job on this little […]

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NRA announces…”Carry Guard”

Just a few days ago (on Monday of this very week) the NRA announced a new groundbreaking training program they have dubbed:  Carry Guard.  The NRA claims that this new program is intended to be the “most comprehensive training program for those who carry a firearm.”  Lofty goals for this new training program, but it […]

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Guns Save Lives

Anyone from the Metro Atlanta area can attest that traffic inside the perimeter can be a bit of a fight at times!!  Just the other day while sitting at a red-light, we noticed that there was a loud horn blowing; coming from a vehicle to our left.  As we looked around, we spotted the driver of the horn blowing […]

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Firearm Tech: Bullpup Rifles

The world of firearms is filled with a myriad of different technologies.  Shooters have a plethora of choices when deciding to pull the trigger!!  Conventional firearm wisdom places the breech of the firearm in front of the trigger group.  The years of advancement in firearm tech has proved that this is not the only way that […]

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