Believe it or not…..

Welcome back buckaroos!!!  Today we have a short but most interesting post for you guys!!! As you know, we at PSA strongly support safe and responsible firearm ownership and participation.  Next time you are at your local firing range, we want you to think to yourself….”I’m participating in the safest scholastic sport!”

Take a quick moment and think about it guys….The competitive shooting sports have never had a casualty (contrary to what most opponents to guns may think) and shooters don’t suffer the injury that athletes suffer in contact sports.  What’s more…..shooters’ grade point averages are typically far more superior than that of other athletes on the collegiate level.  Participating in shooting sports requires more intense discipline, patience, analytical thought patterns, and dedication to safety.

Those uninitiated to the world of shooting would be aghast to find out the number of Division I schools that offer shooting scholarships (currently the number of schools exceeds 20).  What’s more, there are some Division II and III schools that offer them as well (more than 10 schools)!!  Opportunities abound in the shooting sports industry!!!




***If you are unfamiliar with firearms and want to learn more, PSA strongly suggests that you find, enroll, and attend a comprehensive and reputable firearms safety course.  Firearms safety is all of OUR responsibility.  

We want to thank you for taking out the time to stop by our lane at the shooting range!!  We hope that you enjoyed your stay and hope that you stop back by early and often to catch up on all PSA updates!  We truly hope that we were able to hit the target, and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to shoot them our way!!  We look forward to shooting the breeze with you soon again!!

And as always….remember to watch your six and stay low!!!

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