Month: March 2017

To “Top-Off” or Not…that is the question

Quite often when teaching classes, we allow a portion of our class to be dedicated to open discussion about topics of practical firearm safety issues.  Last week, one of our students brought up the conversation of “carrying with a round in the chamber.”  After a rousing discussion with the class, we decided that it was […]

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Whats the difference??? M16 vs. M4

Some of the best shooting we have experienced is done outdoors with our favorite long guns!!!   Most of you wacky gun-nuts that follow the PSA blog know that we love to get questions from our readers.  The nerd in us can’t allow those times to talk about gun history a pass!!!  Today we decided to […]

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From the Gun Vault: Sig P516

Welcome back to all you wacky shooters!!!  Boy-oh-boy do we have a treat for you guys today!!!  Every so often we like to bring to you guys some of the toys that we have in our own personal vault.  Today will be no different!!  As most of you know (or soon will!!!), we at PSA […]

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Conversations worth having….

When engaging with our students in class, or talking to random shooters at the range, its always interesting to hear their respective reasons for firearm ownership.  More often than not, we get responses that somehow always lead back to the same answer:  to protect self and loved ones from those crazies that we see on […]

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Believe it or not…..

Welcome back buckaroos!!!  Today we have a short but most interesting post for you guys!!! As you know, we at PSA strongly support safe and responsible firearm ownership and participation.  Next time you are at your local firing range, we want you to think to yourself….”I’m participating in the safest scholastic sport!” Take a quick […]

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