Month: February 2017

LOVE those 1911’s…..

Welcome back buckaroos!!!  The next time you are in your local gun shop, we want you to do a little experiment.  Take a look at all of the employees that are present and take stock of what they choose to carry on their hip.  We guarantee that you will most likely spot a couple of […]

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Dummies can make you smarter….

Everywhere we go, it seems as though we are bound to encounter a dummy!  Fortunately, we will spare you the inane details on the countless number of dummies that make us smarter every day!!  This post…you wacky shooters is about just that….DUMMIES!  But not that guy that can’t walk and chew gum at the same […]

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From the Vault: Sig P938

It’s no secret that we at PSA have a certain affinity towards anything Sig…and this post buckaroos will not shy away from that fact!!  As you know, we always love to bring to you some of our personal firearms that we have in our vault, and today we have a real gem!!! Today, for all […]

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Personal Defense….Hollow-points in EVERY caliber?

This post is has a very interesting beginning!!  We were extremely lucky to attend a Sig Sauer Academy class on firearms handling a couple of weeks ago.  One of the open topics of discussion was the effectiveness of hollow-point rounds used as personal defense ammunition.  The instructors were extremely proficient and knowledgeable (what do we […]

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