Month: August 2016

From the Vault: Springfield XDS .45

It’s been quite some while, but it’s that time to return to the PSA vault for another piece of hardware that lives in our gun world!!!  Today for all of our fans of concealed carry we would like to bring to you an active participant in our EDC:  Springfield XDS in .45 caliber!!!  We might […]

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Ammo Tech: Civil Defense Ammo

Every once in a while, we will come across something that we just can’t wait to share with you wacky gun-nuts!!  Well…today will be no different!  This past weekend we were in the ammo section trying to sure up our stock of ammo, and came across a new and definitely different type of ammo.  Liberty […]

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Just for FUN: .22 Caliber

Plainly put, one of PSA’s most adored calibers is the .22 cartridge!!  Although this may come as a shock to many of you wacky shooters, we at PSA feel like a day at the range with an ammo can full of .22LR ammo is a day (and several hundred shell casings for that matter!!!) well […]

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