Month: July 2016

Ammo Tech: What’s the deal with Hollow Points?

One of our readers recently asked us to explain the difference in regular ammo versus hollow point ammunition.  Tamiko M. (from Savannah), wanted to know all about the ins and outs of these differences, but more especially about one kind of ammunition she recently saw: Hornady’s Zombie Max Ammunition.  Well Tamiko, as always, PSA has you […]

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What’s the difference?

More often than not, on a Saturday afternoon, somehow we always seem to find ourselves spending an egregious amount of time in the local gun store looking for something else to make the wives scream, rant and rave!  Well….this Saturday was no different!!!  We found ourselves on the ammo isle at our local gun emporium (Adventure […]

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Watch what you say…..

Quite often, as gun nuts we will make the mistake of misusing our firearms vernacular.   As we try and promote the good versus the bad, the utility of, and the greatness that are firearms we should always endeavor to use the correct language to evoke a positive emotion from those listening to us (or […]

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Space-Age Ammo Tech…..

You don’t have to find Doc Brown and his DeLorean to go the year 2050 to get your hands (or at least your eyes) on Space-Age technology.  Federal Premium Ammo (you probably have some boxes of their ammo in your case right now!!!) has found a way to reduce shooters lead exposure, while at the same […]

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Shhhhh! The Noise on Silencers

You and your team have less than 6 minutes to enter, grab the hostages, and exit without being seen.  You grab your department issued Colt 1911 and prepare for the extraction.  One of your best friends (except a couple of extra mags) is your silencer.  As you screw that puppy on the business end of this wonderful […]

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