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The year is 236 A.D….you are a Roman Soldier and you have just started your tour as one of the infantry fighters in the Imperial Crisis.  As you don your customary garb, and prepare to join your fellow soldiers, you hear your mother say:  “Come back with your shield, or upon it.”  As a Roman soldier, it was customary to not only use your shield as a barrier, but to use it as a fighting tool as well as a stretcher for those unfortunate souls that lost their lives on the battlefield.  Having a weapon that is versatile in the heat of the battle could very well be the deciding factor between decisive victory and treacherous failure.

As the sands of time continue to fall, advances in firearm technology continue to make the life of a firearms connoisseur more and more worth living!  From tactical gear to pistols to long guns, versatility is now a mainstay in the firearms industry.  As materials used in firearm construction and methods of firearm production continue to get better, we as the consumer are blessed to see the results!!!

One of PSA’s favorite gun manufacturer is aces when it comes to versatility in production of their firearms.  Recently, SIG released the most affectionately dubbed: SIG P250 2SUM.  This “pack of pistols” has complete out-of-the-box versatility by offering shooters a full-size P250, ideal for duty, home defense or sport, and all the components to rapidly convert it to the P250 Subcompact, a perfect conceal carry gun.  Yes you actually get the frame of both the full size, and the compact size…and with the quick changing of the innards, you’ve completely changed the scope of the mission!


Well buckaroos, if SIG doesn’t tickle your fancy, what about some of the technology that Taurus, and some of it’s competitors are concocting?!?   The “Taurus Judge” line of revolvers is one of the most interesting mash-ups that floats our boat!  This wonderful piece of firearm technology allows all you sharpshooters to not only discharge pistol cartridges from the revolver but you can also fire off a couple of .410 shotgun shells!!!   Yes sir!  You can actually shoot shotgun shells from the business end of your revolver from one of these puppies!!!


If still we haven’t wet your whistle, one of the most versatile pieces of weaponry that exists today is the venerable AR platform!  In either the AR-10 or the AR-15 variation, you can’t go wrong with one of these guys!  From a accepting myriad of accessories, to accepting multiple calibers of cartridges, to different types of deployment, the AR platform has to be king of the versatile firearms.   Having the AR platform in your arsenal means that gun owners don’t have to stand in line for qualified (yet expensive) gunsmith to modify or customize their firearm.  Through the marvels of firearm technology, the average shooter (of course that’s not you!!!) can simply order the parts via the internet and perform the work themselves with little more than a screwdriver, a wrench and a hammer (and sometimes a little elbow grease!).


***If you are unfamiliar with the features of your personally owned firearm, or you would like to learn more about the versatility of firearms, PSA strongly suggests that you research, enroll, and take a certified firearms safety course.  Exercising precise safety when handling firearms is of paramount concern.

And as always….remember to watch your six and stay low!

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