“Pop” Culture (pun intended!!!)….

We don’t have to turn back the hands of time too far to refresh our memories about the some of the travesties that have been committed while the perpetrators were in possession of a firearm.  As we look back at these pernicious events, one can’t help but see how popular culture has unfortunately been involved, in some way, with all of them.

In 2014, 7 persons were killed and 13 wounded in a most pernicious act committed in Santa Barbra, CA., after the perpetrator felt as though women (yes buckaroos…women in general!) had put him in social isolation.  Through YouTube he was able to post a video promising “retribution” for his isolation.  Unfortunately he followed through on his threats.

In 2012, at a midnight screening of the newest installment of the Batman series:  The Dark Knight Rises, 12 people were killed and 70 others injured as a maniac entered a theater in Colorado armed with tear gas, grenades, and firearms.  He was dressed in tactical garb and, used the premise of the movie as one of his main reasons for committing this heinous crime.  Popular culture once again had it’s way…

In the city that headquarters PSA (Atlanta, GA.), the past year has allowed us to unfortunately witness over 10 shootings perpetrated by children under the age of 14.  The main reason was that they either saw these actions being committed on video games or while watching TV.  So true that too much of what’s on TV and in video games is acted out in irresponsible manners by minors.  Popular culture…once again shaping opinions, and actions (regardless of age).

An unfortunate by-product of these events that are sparked (in some way) by popular culture, is a huge outcry from the citizenry for sweeping gun control.  Gun control…what a wonderful topic to delve into (yes you wacky shooters will probably be getting a spirited post about that soon!!!!!!)  !!!

Popular culture has an amazing affect on the world’s perception of firearms.  PSA tries at every end to aid in the truncation of the proliferation of the issues created by allowing popular culture to shape perceptions.  Through avenues such as our blog we hope to reach the masses to promote free, yet safe thinking as it relates to firearm ownership and usage.

We would like to thank you for stopping by our lane at the range.  We surely hope that we were able to hit the target.  We also hope that you stay tuned to PSA for updates and new posts!!  If you ever have any questions, comments, and or concerns, please don’t hesitate to shoot them our way!  We look forward to shooting the breeze with you soon!!

And as always…..remember to watch your six and stay low!


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