Month: December 2015

Better to have it….

The United States (the most wonderful country in the Universe!!!!) is currently considered as having one of the most heavily armed private citizenries in the world.  The unfortunate part of that fact is that it seems as though we can’t even turn on the evening news with out seeing a pernicious act perpetrated by a psycho with […]

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It’s Your Shot: Customized Firearms

The wonderful thing about having this sort of avenue to talk to you guys is being able to share with you our personal opinions and viewpoints on a myriad of topics.  This time we have a doozie for you guys!  Not often do we get to talk about these types of things so we are […]

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Barrel Tech: Rifling vs. Smooth Bore

You are most startled as you awaken to the sound of cannon fire exploding in the near distance, and you immediately grab the most effective means of close quarters combat that you have in your arsenal….your Blunderbuss!!!  Yes, you wacky sharpshooters!!!  You have just stepped back in time and have arrived at the outset of […]

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