The Importance of Shot Placement…..

Well, well, well…. It’s been a while buckaroos but we’re back!  As a matter of fact we never left you!!!  We’re glad you’re back with us and we’ve read all of your replies and mails and we have a slew of new topics to discuss with you!!!  So sit back, relax, grab your favorite reading beverage and enjoy!!!

Quite often, as certified firearms instructors, we will get questions from our readers regarding that mysterious “best caliber” for personal defense.  And to be quite honest with you guys, this question is one that will probably be a highly debatable one for decades to come!  Whenever we are posed with this question our answer looks something like this:  Well sir/maam it’s not quite important the caliber you use, but how well you are able to place the round on the human body.

I’m sure if you asked anyone who has been shot before (regardless of the caliber of the firearm they were shot with) if they would like to be shot again, they would answer you with a resounding NOOOOOOOO!!!  Now, I’m sure this is the point where our critics will begin to point their finger at us and say that “personal defense is all about the stopping power of the round.”  And guess what?!?!?  We totally agree!  But where the PSA opinion differs is the fact that stopping power can be achieved with more than just caliber.  Oh yes, boys and girls!!!  Something beyond stopping power can aid in a defensive situation…..we submit that round placement is the most critical facet of personal defense.

Picture this….. You’re a part of the SWAT team of a local agency, and your team has just been called out to handle a violent standoff with several Meth-heads.  As your team approaches the situation, you immediately become engaged with several of the enemy.  Your partner, carrying his .45 ACP, scoffs at your 9 mil and exclaims that you and your “girly” rounds should take the back seat.  Two of the perpetrators turn to you and your partner, and a firefight ensues.  Your partner discharges his pistol 6 times with 5 hits on the perp.  He keeps coming.  You take one shot to the perpetrator coming at you.  Perpetrator down.  You then turn to engage your partners still staggering perpetrator.  You aim and take another shot.  Perpetrator down.

Both you and your partner are very familiar with your firearms’ as you practice profusely with them on the range and in live fire exercises.  He did have the more powerful round.  So what did you do so special that your partner was not able to?  Well Hot Shot…its simple…Shot Placement.  Your first shot was a head shot.  Perpetrator down.  Your second shot was to the base of the throat.  Perpetrator down.


Although simple, the above reference gives good indication of just how, precise round placement can be used with just about any caliber to immediately stop a threat.   One well placed round may be the difference between a perpetrator stopping / fleeing, or paying the price.  ***Be advised that PSA is strongly against senseless violence and does not support it in any way, shape, or form.  What PSA does support is safe, responsible, personal protection using legally obtained personal protection firearms.

We want to once again thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by our lane at the shooting range!!  We surely enjoyed having you with us and we hope that you enjoyed your time with us.  We also hope that were able to hit the mark!  Remember to follow our blog so that you are able to stay on top of changes with PSA!!!  We look forward to seeing you soon!  Don’t forget to leave your messages and questions!

And as always….remember to watch your six and stay low.

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