Education is key….even with guns


Quite often when people learn that we are certified firearms instructors, they will ask:  “Can you just teach me how to shoot, or do you think I actually need a class?”  The only answer I ever provide is simply one word:  “Yes.”  Guess what buckaroos?!?!?!?!?  If you have to ask that question, more than likely you are not as proficient and knowledgeable about firearms as you should be to be a responsible firearms owner.  I know that may sound a little tough, but when it comes to firearms safety, PSA has no filter!  A firearms safety course may be a great tool to introduce and instill safe firearms practices.  These courses cover a myriad of topics from handling, to cleaning, to storing.

Picture this:  Robin just moved into her first apartment and has been told by many friends that it would behoove her to purchase a firearm for home protection.  Robin has never held a firearm….heck she has never even seen a firearm in person!!!  Listening to her friends she goes to Uncle Bobs Pawn Shop.  Bob, an upstanding citizen, quickly gets Robin to purchase a brand new SIG P229 .45 handgun.  She thinks it looks cool, has no firearms knowledge, and pays $900 dollars.  Another friend told Robin that she could purchase cheap ammo from any Walmart, so she immediately makes a b-line to the closet store and finds the Sporting goods section.  She notices that the .45 ACP ammo is about 10 dollars more expensive than .45 COLT ammo.  Thinking .45 is .45 is .45, she purchases 3 boxes of the wrong ammo.  She gets home and decides to load the pistol to see how it feels loaded.  She notices that the rounds she bought don’t go in horizontally so somehow through some firearms magic, she is able to force several rounds in vertically.  Thinking this is correct she slams the magazine in, and now she’s ready!!!!  She gets in the mirror and holds the pistol up to eye level, turns the pistol sideways (something she saw in a movie), and begins to “look cool.”  Now….I honestly don’t think there is any reason to continue this story!  This story went left from the beginning!

Selecting a comprehensive, thorough, and intriguing firearms safety course from a reputable source may be the best $100-150 dollar investment you can make concerning safe firearms ownership.  A firearms safety course should be able to teach you safe firearms lessons including how to select the correct ammo, loading and unloading procedures, safe and effective grip holds, aiming, effective shooting practices, cleaning, storing, and a host of other much needed safety skills.  You may even contact the instructor for specialized safety information on your newly purchased firearm.  These courses will also allow you to get on the range and “sling some lead!!”  Local gun shops will usually offer courses on specific nights and you may also check websites such as the NRA (National Rifle Association) for course offerings.

Quite often when people learn that we are certified firearms instructors, they will ask:  “Can you just teach me how to shoot, or do you think I actually need a class?”  In my mind I always want to ask a host of questions!!!  How about:  “Would you like for your primary care physician to simply be told how to examine you, or would you like for him/her to attend some classes?”  Or:  “Would you like for the guy at your local auto parts store to just tell your mechanic how to fix your transmission, or would you like for your mechanic to take a class?”  What about your accountant, your local police officer, your attorney?  Your firearm may very well be the tool that saves your life one day.  Wouldn’t you like to be proficient in handling it safely and effectively???

****PSA wholeheartedly supports safe personal protection firearms ownership.  We suggest safety courses to shooters from all skill levels.  Please people…ensure that you are proficient with your firearms.  Safe ownership is the only way to own!

And as always….remember to watch your six and stay low.

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