Month: May 2015

Seeing is Believing (pt. 2): Firearm Optics

In November of 2009, Corporal of Horse (CoH) Craig Harrison, made the longest confirmed kill shot on record.  This shot was recorded being made with a .338 Lapua Magnum caliber sniper rifle and at 2,707 yards!!!  (For all of our mathematically challenged sharpshooters out there, I’ll do the math for you!!)  At 5,280 feet per […]

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Seeing is Believing: Firearm Sights

Turning back the pages of time to the beginning of guns, we come to a place in which gun sights didn’t even exist!!  Yes it’s true buckaroos!  There was a time that some form of the notch-and-post sight system had no use in discharging a firearm!!  Well, I’m sure that you may ask why?  As […]

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What’s the Difference: Hammer vs. Striker-fired

One of the most fascinating parts of being a lover of guns is being able to delve deeply into the history of firearms, and more especially how firearms have developed over the years.  Looking back, we can see how firearms evolved from the hand-cannons invented centuries ago by the Chinese, to the Blunderbuss used by […]

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From the Vault: Taurus Judge Public Defender

Every once in a while we are lucky enough to happen upon a marvel of the world in which we dwell.  Well my good people, the world in which I dwell is all about GUNS!!!  Love em, carry em, heck I even cherish some of my guns!  One of the marvels that I stumbled upon […]

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Consider the source…..

If you’ve ever visited a gun shop I’m sure that you’ve seen him.  He has a membership to the local range, he loves to hang out at the gun shop, and he is involved in several different gun clubs.  Yup!!!  You guessed it!  Mr. Know-it-all.  Now….none of us should have a problem with him because […]

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