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I sure bet that when you went into Uncle Bob’s Gun shop, put $750 on the counter, and walked out with that new Sig P229,  you had no idea that shooting was so much more than loading a magazine and disrupting every single fiber of your paper silhouette!!  The art of shooting (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, yes it’s an art!!!) has many facets.  One of the most rudimentary aspects of effective and accurate shooting is vision.  In this post we will share with all you point-blank-shooters our opinion on the importance of….well simply put, being able to see!


The human eye is an amazing piece of machinery.  Not an amazing piece of machinery like your DDM4, but a marvel of godly engineering.  The primary sensory mechanisms contained in the human eye is used most simply to pass information.  On average, the human eye has over 126,000,000 light-sensing cells that are able to conduct a billion items of information to the brain every 60 seconds!  If that isn’t an amazing machine, then I don’t know what is!!  Being able to transmit information to a shooter’s brain is of utmost importance for accurate and effective discharging of any firearm.  Now, you are starting to see….

Your next question may rightfully be:  But why is vision so important?  Well, for all of you Einstein’s out there…vision is important because if you can’t see ’em then you can’t shoot ’em!  But seriously though guys, simply seeing is not going to get the job done.  By not using your eyes correctly, you won’t be able to shoot correctly, and thus your results will be less than satisfactory.  Just like you train for a marathon, to complete a task at work, or even to participate in the next Summer Olympics, shooters should train their eyes.  Similar to training for muscle memory to be used in grips and stances, training your eyes is of equal importance.  We hope you are starting to see…


The gun industry, like most, is experiencing technological booms like never before.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m most definitely not a 21st century type of guy!  My cell phone is so primitive, for it to even think about running an app, it’d need a pair of Nike’s!!!  Now…gun tech?!?!?!?  That’s another story!  I LOVE talking gun tech!!!  But this post is about vision….I’m you are starting to see….

Gun tech advances in the firearms industry have permeated every aspect of the art.  In order to help shooters see better, some companies have developed safety glasses with specialized lenses that simulate day light conditions; even in dusk like environments.  “The better to see you with my dear….”  Also to help you highfalutin, eagle eye shooters out there, many companies (old and new) are developing pretty awesome scopes, sights, and magnifiers that aid in effective vision, quicker target acquisition, and longer sight radii.  Advances have become so awesome that tactical and hunting scopes for firearms now allow shooters to have effective shots of up to and over 1 mile!!!  Of course the price tag on those puppies will reach a mile into your pocketbook as well!!  As with most consumer products there also more reasonably priced pieces of gun tech.  PSA Rule of thumb:  Do your best to shop around for gun tech.  Do your research to ensure that the gun tech you purchase fits your needs and fits your budget.

As with anything, we here at PSA encourage you to conduct thorough research into any accessories that are used to aid or augment shooters’ vision.  Know your limitations, and understand your budget.  I shopped for about 6 months for a red dot scope.  Trust me the research and the wait were well worth it!!!

We would like to thank you for stopping by our lane at the shooting range!  We hope you enjoyed your visit and hit your target.  We also hope that you come back soon and often to check for PSA updates!!

And as always….remember to watch your six and stay low.

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