Month: April 2015

Now you see….

I sure bet that when you went into Uncle Bob’s Gun shop, put $750 on the counter, and walked out with that new Sig P229,  you had no idea that shooting was so much more than loading a magazine and disrupting every single fiber of your paper silhouette!!  The art of shooting (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, […]

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A Word to the Wise…..

Too often we may hear the phrase: Laws are made to be broken.  Well, just a word to the wise…. I’m quite sure that this DOES NOT apply to firearms laws and control regulations.  Seriously guys, please ensure that when in possession of any firearm you are within compliance with all federal and most especially […]

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From the Vault: Ruger Mini-14

Once in a while, we as gun nuts find that gun or rifle that just wets our whistle!  Just a few moons ago I was in search of a rifle that was chambered in .223/5.56, tactical, and was equipped with some sort of rail system; either Picatinny or KeyMod.  So the natural assumption was to […]

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