Gun Jargon… What does it all mean?!?!?!?

One thing about all of the gun enthusiasts out there is that we LOVE to shoot!!!  I think we love to shoot so much that we have come up with our own lingo.  Unfortunately for the outsiders, it may seem as though we have created a new language with the myriad of abbreviations and acronyms that we have adopted.  And guess what?  For all you rookies out there, we’re not only gonna give you a handy dandy little reference list of some common abbreviations and acronyms, but we’re finally gonna divulge the secret of why we have all of them!!!

So here goes…. we do it so we can save time.  All the time we save using them, we get to spend on the range!!!!!

Now, before we get into your handy dandy reference list, let me say this.  The following lists are in no way exhaustive and if we missed one you were confused about, shoot us an email and we will be sure to help you out!!!  Basically friends, what we did was look in our ammo locker and gun vaults and simply compile a list of whatever we saw for you wacky wad cutters!!!  We decided to separate it into two lists so that it may be easier to find what you were looking for.  Some of these may truly belong on both lists but hey, we wanted to get to the range so we just put it on one!!!

Ammunition References

HP – Hollow Point

JHP – Jacketed Hollow Point

FMJ – Full Metal Jacket

BTHP – Boat Tailed Hollow Point

MAG – Magnum

BJHP – Brass Jacketed Hollow Point

WC – Wad Cutter

LWC – Lead Wad Cutter

SWC – Semi Wad Cutter

CLL – Cowboy Lead Load

LR – Long Rifle

LC – Long Colt

BMG – Browning Machine Gun

Win Mag – Winchester Magnum

WSM – Winchester Short Magnum

WSSM – Winchester Super Short Magnum

WMR – Winchester Magnum Rimfire

ACP – Automatic Colt Pistol

Para – Parabellum

NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization

H & H – Holland and Holland

HMR – Hornady Magnum Rimfire

HM2 – Hornady Mach 2

Firearm References 

SBR – Short Barreled Rifle

SBS – Short Barreled Shotgun

EDC – Every Day Carry

MOA – Minute of Angle

S & W – Smith and Wesson

SIG – Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft

H & K – Heckler and Koch

CZ – Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod

T/C – Thompson Center

BDC – Bullet Drop Compensation

As with any thing we provide to our readers, it is our strongest desire that you continue to do your research and get deeper into the universe that is firearms.  This is a vast industry and has multiple facets.  We encourage all of our faithful followers and all of you wonderful visitors to check back with us as often as earthly possible for our next conversations!!!!

We want to thank you for stopping by our lane at the shooting range!  We hope you found this list useful in your gun world and we hope that you stop by very soon!!!

And as always…..remember to watch your six and stay low.

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