From the Vault: SIG SP2340

Lock ’em and Load ’em knuckleheads!  This is the part of our job that we LOVE!  Today we get to bring to you one of our favorite segments!  “From the Vault” will bring to you wacky gun lovers, some of our favorite personally owned firearms.  Sorry, we won’t be able to show you all of them but every so often we will do our best to share with you guys some of our favorite from our own personal collections.

The first edition of “From the Vault” will let you guys take a look at at my favorite gun from my favorite gun maker.  And before I go any further let me say this.  I am a SIG man through and through.  I own several and plan on procuring several more.  I know that with SIG’s either you love em or you hate em.  But guess what SIG haters?!?!?!?  You can’t hate on the quality!!  Hands down, SIG represents quality.

Now that I’ve gotten off of my SIG soapbox, I can hit you with this one…..

Gun Better

This wonderful little (actually its quite robust if you will…) piece of hardware is one bad morning for a bad guy (if he even makes it to the next morning!).  The SIG SP2340 was a rare find and boy am I glad I found it!!!  It’s chambered in .357 SIG and has a magazine that holds 12.  The firearm has a 4 inch barrel on it and feels great in the hand.  The grip is rough and creates a good bond in the hand.  One of the loveliest features of the firearm is their decocker.  I promise you people, this decocker is the best invention since sliced bread!!!  It allows you to load a fully loaded magazine into the firearm, rack the slide (thus making the firearm hot and placing it into single action mode), and decock the hammer without firing (making the firearm loaded but in double action mode).  The firearm comes with a magazine release button that is conducive to right handed shooting, but with a simple adjustment owners are able to switch that button to the other side of the pistol making it conducive to left handed shooting.


One of the coolest features of this gun is the SIG Blue Line insignia etched on the top of the slide.  And a heavy slide it is.  But it definitely helps with the recoil with that brick of a load it pushes!  All in all without question it is a wonderful pistol.  It was deadly accurate out of the box when I bought it about 6 or 7 years ago.  The pistol was taken off of the civilian market for shipping about 3 months before I bought it and it was the last one the store had and they’ve (nor has anyone else from what I understand) never gotten another!  What a catch!

One of the drawbacks is the difficulty in locating ammo for this puppy.  If you don’t order online, finding it at your local gun shop might be quite the task.  Unfortunately, when you do find it you will usually pay upwards of a dollar or more per round for personal protection ammo, and about 70 cents for target ammo.  Pretty expensive ammo especially for practice.  **Sometimes shooters will notice that even the best ammo in this caliber will tend to tumble at times (not too often), so if you notice it don’t be alarmed. The pistol is very simple to field strip for cleaning purposes, although the firearm was built with very tight tolerances (guns with such tight tolerances are sometimes tricky to field strip, but not this guy!!).

If you haven’t gotten the idea of how much I love this pistol, let me explain to you how I store it when it’s not in use.  I actually store this pistol in an aluminum hard case with two locks and a combination, in a safe.  I store the safe in a vault, and the vault is located inside of a volcano.  The volcano is hidden 20,000 leagues under, yes under, the sea.  Guys, it takes ME 2 weeks just to get to it.  I go to those lengths just to protect this pistol!

My opinion……Buy a SIG!!!!

**When handling handguns for inspection, cleaning, and any other non shooting application please ensure that the firearm is unloaded and clear.  PSA Rule of Thumb:  Eject the magazine, and rack the slide several times (to eject any cartridges already in the chamber).  For revolvers, release the cylinder, turn upside down and fully depress the ejector rod several times.

Thanks again guys for visiting our lane at the shooting range!

And as always……remember to watch your six and stay low.

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