To Carry or not to Carry? That is the Question…..

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***Please ensure that you check your local firearms statutes to guarantee that you are within legal limits regarding concealed carry.

Imagine that your kids have talked you into taking them to the local mall for a bit of shopping and ice cream.  On your way out of the mall you hear a familiar sound.  Followed by the sound you hear the immediate shriek of a woman screaming: “He has a gun!!!”  Your first instinct is to make sure that the kids are ok and safely under the protection of cover.  You then scan the immediate area to ensure that no danger can rapidly present itself.  Following the scan of the area, you then take cover yourself and reach under your jacket for the Springfield XDs that serves as your EDC.   You then think to your wife who just bought you a concealed carry holster, the one that the XDs is currently in, and you smile.  “What would you do without her….and it?”  Your steps are carefully thought out…although you are moving at lightning speed.  Thank the heaven’s above for the Personal Protection Outside of the Home course you just took from the knowledgeable staff at Peach State Armory!!!  Those guys may have just saved the lives of you, your children, and countless others at the mall that day.

Firearm ownership for the protection of ones life, property, and family is a right that is afforded to every citizen of this great country of ours through the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Concealed carry is a right extended to citizens in most states in the US, with proper documentation.  In my state of Georgia, CCW permits are not expressly difficult to obtain, and can be applied for at the local Magistrate Courthouse.  But please people…use common sense!!!  Check with you local legislature (be it city, county, or state) to ensure that you are within compliance with all firearms laws and regulations.  A word to the wise….being arrested for firearms violations will most definitely NOT be a sunny day!!!

If this was your day with the kids and this madman did decide to discharge his firearm in the crowded parking lot of your local shopping mall, having your concealed carry weapon would be priceless.  You would be able to save the kids, ensure life for yourself, and possibly end up as the hero to many others.  If you are proficient with your personal carry firearms, concealed carry may very well be a viable option.  There are countless options for CC holsters and we have even illustrated a few designs by providing the photos at the outset of this post.  As with any decision concerning firearms please do thorough research and make informed decisions.

Needless to say, in the perilous times we currently live in, this hypothetical situation could have easily turned into reality.  The chances for things to “hit the fan” can change quickly.  Will you be prepared?

Thanks for stopping by our little part of the shooting range, and we look forward to your next visit!!!

As always….remember to watch your six and stay low.

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