Month: March 2015

Ammo Basics 101: Centerfire vs. Rimfire

The world of firearms is most definitely a beautiful one filled with many different ways to express your affinity towards anything gun related.  As different firearms companies spring up around the globe, we have been fortunate enough to witness an explosion in firearms technology that at times may boggle the mind.  The gun world has […]

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Fact or Fiction: Riding on an empty chamber?!?

Growing up, my sister and I would love to sit and watch movies all day!  If we could’ve gotten paid for it, we’d be rich!!!  For some reason, my favorite genre was always Cowboy and Western movies!  LOVED the grittiness of the antagonists, casinos in every saloon, and most of all the GUNS!  Six shooters, […]

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Gun Jargon… What does it all mean?!?!?!?

One thing about all of the gun enthusiasts out there is that we LOVE to shoot!!!  I think we love to shoot so much that we have come up with our own lingo.  Unfortunately for the outsiders, it may seem as though we have created a new language with the myriad of abbreviations and acronyms […]

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But I already took a class…

For all of you bullseye shooters out there, a day at the range is almost as good as mama’s down home fried chicken!  For those of us who are novices at the art of shooting, a day at the range may be considered as an hour or so spent with your gun nut buddy telling […]

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From the Vault: SIG SP2340

Lock ’em and Load ’em knuckleheads!  This is the part of our job that we LOVE!  Today we get to bring to you one of our favorite segments!  “From the Vault” will bring to you wacky gun lovers, some of our favorite personally owned firearms.  Sorry, we won’t be able to show you all of […]

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